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About Me

For me, photography has been my escape, my solace, my artistic release. I love the idea of being able to capture on second in time that will be preserved forever, no matter how good or bad. 

Growing up in Orlando and surrounded by the Fantasy world of the "happiest place on earth", it gives you a different perspective. My influence has always been vivid, bright colors mixed with dark undertones. But my favorite are black and white photos. They are so raw and unveiling.


I primarily shoot landscapes, residential & commercial real estate, Architecture,  travel, and nature. But I am working on a few anticipated upcoming projects to explore different areas of photography. 


This is my work. Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all of the other social media outlets.  If you are interested in collaborating, please contact me at

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Contact Me:

Currently looking for people who would like to model for an upcoming project. Contact me at for more information.

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